Erosion Control Coconut Matting for Landslide and Riverbanks Area
erosion control coconut mattingErosion control coconut matting - Of course, we have often heard about soil erosion that continues to occur in Indonesia. Inline, the soil conditions typical of soil Indonesia is easy for soil erosion to happen, associated with the climate and high rainfall. The areas have high rain intensity, such as Sumatra and Java. The types of soil are to slide easily and worsen the condition.The slow handling of soil erosion makes the ecosystem around the soil erosion even more damaged. Currently, the level of soil damage is almost all over Indonesia. The lack of knowledge of soil cultivation among farmers is one of the primary causes. Therefore, conservative efforts are needed to prevent soil erosion.In brief, erosion can also occur due to heavy water and wind. In Indonesia, soil erosion often occurs due to the strong water flow. Soil erosion occurs when nothing vegetation grows on the soil, so water seeps directly into the tree roots. Then how to prevent soil erosion? Here's how to control and rehabilitate soil quality.

What is the Solution to Prevent Soil Erosion? | Erosion Control Coconut Matting

1. Use Soil-Friendly Agricultural Practices Terrace agriculture adjusts on hilly land. Terraces prevent erosion and facilitate irrigation for crops. In addition, agricultural fields in hilly areas need cover crops to keep soil particles in place. It creates by cultivating crops in the form of intercropping and formulating the two crops together in the same field, for example, planting corn or soybeans between rows of oil palm trees. Agroforestry systems that cultivate the varieties of food crops and forest crops can be an effective solution for farmers. The use of manure can also increase the levels of soil organic matter and strengthen the soil structure to inhibit erosion. In addition, sowing the deep-rooted and shallow-rooted plants alternately can improve soil structure and reduce erosion.2. Providing Incentives for Sustainable Land Management Although the science of sustainable land management is gaining popularity, the socio-economic context often makes it hard to implement. Endurable land management practices must be financially achievable for farmers. Erosion prevention estimates cost a median of $500 per hectare, a sizeable investment for a farmer. Governments and banks need to help farmers access financing and set support in implementing erosion prevention measures. This effort that is not only benefits farmers but also the entire community. Prevention costs are much lower than land restoration and rehabilitation costs. It estimate at $1,500–$2,000 per hectare. Other sources find that the charge can be as high as $15,221 per hectare.

3. Prevention AND Rehabilitation

The key to managing and reducing soil erosion is to rehabilitate broken soil, stop further degradation, and include erosion prevention measures as a part of land management policies. In this way, we can control appetite and reduce the climate crisis. Erosion control coconut matting is a natural geosynthetic erosion control product. That is a flexible, lightweight 3D mat made from high-strength coconut fiber geotextile that protects the slope surface against soil erosion, reduces emissions, and encourages infiltration. Erosion protection mats protect the soil surface from being washed away and quickly create lawns.In other words, erosion control coconut matting reduces the possibility of erosion. Caused by further heavy rains and provides a green layer of vegetation on rivers, riverbanks, pond edges, steep slopes, and grassy marshes. Erosion control coconut matting prevents soil and sediment erosion. It provides excellent filtration and vegetation, improving soil conditions and slope stability.You might like to read Top Global Coco Rope for Sale Export to Oversea

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